by The Shades of Gray

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2011 Sammie-Winners, The Shades of Gray, created this anthem for their fellow Kings fans and the fight to keep their team in Sacramento.

Watch the music video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXlxs8HoIrg

Check out our LIVE performance at the HWBN2 tailgate party: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgej2ioywew


Here we build
Here we buy
Here we stay
Kings All Day

Royalty loyalty's a state of mind
Cowbell kingdom's how we're defined
Kings of the court since eighty five
And when our legacy's in jeopardy we survive

We're in it for the long haul like a train track
Lookin for some two thousand two payback
Drinkin water with a purple kool aid pack
We don't sit back we attack the rack

Cities wanna battle in this game of thrones
Invade our castle we defend our home
We've got a longer reign than jerry sloan
Got the crown locked like a sword in a stone

The King's Cartel out to raise some hell
Make the ground swell with the sound of cowbell
Times tickin away on this crazy carrousel
When things don't look well we start to yell


The city of sac is where the kings stay at
Cow town really? Where you getting your facts?
in this world class city law of the land gets passed
Welcome to the cali capital just look at the map

Try to make a move get out matched
Make the commissioner say "you got treasure like that?"
You don't really want a problem with the purple & black
Somebody ask rick fox If we fight back

Kings hit the floor hysteria ensues
Cause we're NBA royalty never get it confused
In a mideivel arena better pray you don't lose
We keep lions as pets don't let slamson get loose

From the floor to the nose bleeds It's nothing new
The loudest fans ever we got the proof
On your feet royal court dancers coming through
Stand at attention Sacramento let 'em hear what we do



released February 9, 2013
music - The Shades of Gray; lyrics - BaldMatt and Luckey



all rights reserved


The Shades of Gray Sacramento, California

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